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Tips For Navigating The Press

21 Feb 2022 08:25 | Rebecca Rosen (Administrator)

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, "There is no such thing as bad publicity". Anyone who has suffered the ire of the public or their peers, from a poorly written article, knows this old saying is not true. Every time we speak to the press we represent not only our business or organization, but the entire industry as a whole. Wether you have been solicited by a highly circulated magazine or an impromptu morning talk radio show, public perception is key to success or failure. Below are some helpful tips for acing your next interview.

  • Request interview questions in advance. When taking the time to consider your response, you can consider how it might be perceived by the general public. A well thought answer will always reflect better on you, your business, and the industry as a whole.
  • If possible, proofread the final article prior to the print date. Many times, reporters will misunderstand falconry lingo. These gaffs can range from chuckle worthy to cringe worthy to our peers.
  • Peer review is another helpful tool when used properly. Have another industry professional proofread the reporters work. Often times they can catch things that may not seem obvious to the article’s intended subject.
  • Try to avoid drawing attention to any aspect of your interview that may offend the general public. Blowback from offensive language or activity may become incredibly costly.
  • Remember that although the individual you are working with may have some understanding of falconry through their own research, most people reading, watching, or listening do not. Keep in mind that they will not understand the difference between sport falconry and professional falconry. If you do not explain the difference, then by default your answers will reflect on both. 
  • And finally, don't say or do anything in front of the media that you wouldn't say or do in front of a game warden.


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