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The Professional Falconers Association (PFA) is a nonprofit trade association of falconry based businesses and professional falconers. The PFA will work to improve professional falconry by assisting members in improving their skills and growing their businesses through education and mentorship. It will support its members by promoting professional falconry to the general public and provide resources and training in how to positively respond to animal rights organizations. It will protect its members by engaging with Federal and State regulatory agencies to find better solutions that will address their concerns and allow members to operate more efficiently. The PFA will focus on bird abatement, falconry and raptor education, and raptor propagation.

Our Mission

The Professional Falconers Association supports and protects the interests of professional falconers through member services, advocacy and focused leadership. Creating a network of professional falconers builds strength, awareness and excellence to this valuable trade.

Code of Ethics

We must be professional to each other and be ambassadors to the general public. We must demonstrate honesty and integrity in our business practices and for the welfare of the raptors we work with and care for. All members must follow our code of ethics.

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Get access to the latest abatement contracts and find work close to you. PFA is a hub for falconry companies to find qualified falconers. Join us today to get exclusive access.

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Training articles for all skill levels. From falconry training to the basics of running a business. Written by industry experts, these articles will help you set up and run a successful professional falconry business.

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We offer discounts at your favorite stores with a variety of falconry vendors. Get the best price on falconry gear for your next contract!

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If you are a falconry abatement business or a professional falconer, please join and help our industry to grow! If you breed falcons or make and sell falconry equipment and you want to help grow your market, please join! You will have a voice in our organization. If you are already a falconer and want to make your passion a career, please join and we will teach you what you need to know and get you in touch with businesses that are hiring.

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